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Show Program

[ Click here to download copy of 2018 Show Program ]


April 14 & 15  |  Thorsby, AB
May 12 & 13  |  Thorsby, AB
June 2 & 3  |  Thorsby, AB
July 28 & 29  |  Barrhead, AB
August 25 & 26 |  Thorsby, AB
September 8 & 9  |  Thorsby, AB
September 8  |  Year-end Banquet

Open Class   |  first and second go
Ten Class   |  first and second go
Senior Youth Class
Junior Youth Class
Seven Class   |  first and second go
Five Class   |  first and second go
**Format is 30% back for second go. If in any class there is 40 teams or less, there will be a full half back.
**We will be offering a Limited 11 Class which is run concurrent within the open class.

Start time: Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM

*start time is subject to change depending on team count. Notice will be given if this should occur.

60 Second time limit will apply to the Open, Ten, and Seven Class. The Five Class will use 75 seconds. Youth teams will utilize 90 seconds.

The Limited 11 class will run concurrent within the open class. 

ATCPS 2018 ruling is change out one rider rule in all classes.  Change out rider ruling does not apply to draw teams.

The number of rides per class in the Ten and Seven will be 4 rides (which includes draw teams).  The Open and Limited 11 are unlimited. The Five class will be 5 rides (which includes draw teams).

A rider is allowed to ride 2 teams in the Ten, Seven, and Five before you are required to ride a mandatory draw team.  The draw team rule does not apply to the Open or Limited 11 class.  You may ride up to 4 draw teams in the Ten, Seven and up to 5 draw teams in the Five.

Youth classes will be run according to CTCPA rules.  The format for youth classes will be pick up to 2 teams and one mandatory draw team, for a limit of 3 rides.

No sub rule applies to the 2018 show season.  With board approval, ATCPS will allow for a medical sub if a rider was hurt on a show weekend.  The sub is valid for the weekend only.  The sub may ride above the allotted class cap.  The sub does not collect individual points.  The team can collect points.


Canadian Team Cattle Penning rules may be found on the CTCPA website: www.ctcpa.ca

It is your responsibility as a rider to know and understand the rules.

If you would like further information or rule clarification, please contact a board member or the CTCPA office.

Open $48/rider
Ltd 11 $58/rider
10,7,5 Class $43/rider
Jr Youth $13/rider
Sr Youth $13/rider

Entry fees are due before you ride

Any NSF checks will be assessed a $25 NSF administration fee

Stall and power is paid to the Thorsby Ag Society representative. CASH ONLY!

The Ltd. 11 costs an additional $10. The $10 per rider is put into a separate payout pool. The payout structure for the Ltd. 11 is determined by the number of teams entered. Team entries 1 through 30 shall payout 2 places. In the event that there are more than 30 teams, there will be 3 placings.

On-line entries are required for each show. Visit our website at www.atcps.ca

Entries deadline is 6:00 pm Monday prior to show date.

Day teams will be accepted up maximum usage of cattle supply as determined by the ATCPS board.

Cancellations and changes must be submitted by Wednesday 6:00 pm the week of the show to be without penalty.

Show entries – contact Josephine Walters at penningcows@gmail.com or 780-848-7503.

ATCPS membership forms are available on line. Memberships are due no later than March 15, 2018. Memberships received after this date will be assessed a late fee of $50.00

A non-refundable work levy of $60 per members (youth excluded) is required. The proceeds from this levy will be used to pay members who wish to do any of the required volunteer tasks at a rate of $15 per hour worked. This program is self-funded so there is no impact on payouts or budgets.

The point calculation system will be for both individual and team.

Points will be calculated using all shows up to and including September 8 for both team and individuals. September 9 will be considered a jackpot date with no points awarded. Sunday, September 9 will not be considered a sanction show.

To qualify to ride on Sunday September 9, you must have ridden at 6 ATCPS shows prior. Riders qualify as individuals and by class. The draw team rules will apply.

The top 2 teams in the Open, Ten, Seven, and Five will be awarded year-end prizes. The top team in the limited 11 will be awarded a year end prize.

Maximum of the top 5 individuals in the Open, Ten, Seven, and Five will be awarded year end prizes. The depth of individual prizes awarded in all classes will be determined once subscription to the classes is known, including the youth classes.

Team and individual points are calculated as follows: once you reach the second go points will be awarded. ½ point awarded for each team your team beats, and bonus points awarded to the top 5 teams.

Individual points will be awarded based on your top 5 placings in a class.

1st place = 20 points
2nd place = 15 points
3rd place = 10 points
4th place = 5 points
5th place = 3 points

Any verbal, emotional or physical abuse of any ATCPS member, including but not limited to the Board of Directors, Officials, Volunteers, Show committee people, arena operators, or any paid employee of the ATCPS during or after any ATCPS sanctioned or affiliated show will result in disciplinary action which will be adjudicated by the disciplinary committee. Penalties may include suspension, termination of membership, and/or forfeiture of points. Any member of the Board of Directors of the Chair of the Disciplinary committee may provide a warning to the instigator that such abuse will not be tolerated and advise the instigator of further action which can be taken should it be necessary.

John Hope is the Disciplinary Chairman.
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