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Membership Application

2023 Membership Application - Everyone must fill out an ATCPS membership form

Only NEW members with NO previous CTCPA rating need to fill out a CTCPA form

1 Member per form

(will be posted on the website)


I, the undersigned, acknowledge that the competition through the Alberta Team Cattle Penning Society, involves an inherent risk of injury and accordingly, hereby release the Alberta Team Cattle Penning Society and its officers, members , agents, employees, representatives, or any of them, from all claims, demands, action or cause of action, of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether now known or ascertained, or which may hereafter develop or accrue me in favor of myself, my heirs, representatives or dependents, on account of, or by property, animate or inanimate, belonging to me or used by me because of any matter, thing or condition, negligence or default, whatsoever, and I/We hereby assume and accept the full risk of danger or any hurt, injury or damage which may occur through or by an reason or matter, thing or condition, negligence, or default, or any person whatsoever. Some or all of such information as members name, phone #, rating, points or dollars earned, photographs or video and print references may be disclosed on the ATCPS or CTCPA or CTCPA affiliated sites. All or some of this information may be also be used for promotional purposes, as well as being released to newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines and through press releases. It is mandatory of all riders to wear helmets who are Minors in the Province of Alberta (under the age of 18 years as defined by the Alberta Age of Majority Act)

Enter First and Last Name to agree to the above release and waiver


(after having read the above "Release and Waiver")

Youth Rider Name
Quantity Cost Membership Type Total
$37 Associate Membership
for non-riding members. Includes $24 membership and $13 insurance.
$77 Judges Membership
(non-riding members) Includes $24 membership, $13 insurance and $40 CTCPA fee
$160 Adult Individual Membership
Includes $47 membership $13 rider insurance, $40 CTCPA fee and $60 Mandatory Work Levy.
$120 Adult Individual Membership (CTCPA Purchased through another association)
Includes $47 membership $13 rider insurance and $60 Mandatory work levy.
$25 Weekend Pass
(applicable to 1 weekend only). Rider must be a current member of the CTCPA.
$23 Senior Youth Individual Membership
(13-16 years old as of January 1/2023) ($47 membership is free), $13 rider insurance and $10 CTCPA fee. ** Please list all youth birth dates below!
$13 Junior Youth Individual Membership
(under 12 years of age as of January 1/2023) ($47 membership is free), $13 rider insurance. CTCPA registration is free.
$25 Late Fee
if Application Postmarked after March 31, 2023 - $25.00/individual NO EXCEPTIONS **(Applicable to Associate and Adult Individual Memberships only)
Adult Individual Membership (CTCPA Purchased through another association)
Youth Birthdate(s)

RETURN THIS MEMBERSHIP FORM, CTCPA FORM (if applicable) online and all payments made to [email protected]

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