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Show Program


April 22nd & 23rd  |  Thorsby Haymaker
May 13th & 14th  |  Thorsby Haymaker
June 3rd & 4th  |  Thorsby Haymaker
July 29th & 30th  |  Thorsby Haymaker
August 12th & 13th  |  Thorsby Haymaker
September 9th & 10th  |  Thorsby Haymaker
Daily format:

Open / Ltd Open class 1st go, 2nd go
Ten Class 1st go, 2nd go
Senior youth 1st go, 2nd go
Junior youth 1st go, 2nd go
Eight Class 1st go, 2nd go
Five Class 1st go, 2nd go
Start time: Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM

Time Limit: 60 Seconds for Open, Ten and Seven, 75 seconds for the 5 class and 75 seconds for both the Senior and Junior youth.

**Note: Second go will be limited to 30% back, however if a class contains less than 40 teams in the first go, then there will be a full half back.

**Note: The Limited 11 class will run concurrent within the open class.

Rider Rule for all classes except draw class: Change out one rider
Number of rides per class:

Open / Ltd Open Class: Max. 8 Entries per Rider

Ten / Eight/ Five Class: Maximum of 5 teams with the requirement to enter a MANDATORY draw team after picking at least 2 teams. Therefore the possible combinations available are all 5 draw teams, 4 draw teams and 1 pick team, 3 draw teams and 2 pick teams, 2 draw teams and 3 pick teams, 1 draw team and 4 pick teams, 1 draw team and 3 pick teams and 1 draw team and 2 pick teams.

Youth Class: Youth classes will be run according to the CTCPA rules. Therefore the format will be pick 2 teams with one mandatory draw team for a limit of 3 rides per rider.

Sub Rule:
The no sub rule applies to the 2022 show season. With board approval, the ATCPS will allow for a medical sub if a rider was hurt on a show weekend. The sub is valid for the weekend only. The sub may ride above the allotted class cap. The sub does not collect individual points however the team may collect points if the team finishes accordingly.

Governing Rules:
The ATCPS will conform to and follow the CANADIAN TEAM CATTLE PENNING ASSOCIATION (CTCPA) rules. Please refer to www.ctcpa.com for a complete set of the current CTCPA rules. If you would like further information or rule clarification, please contact a board member or the CTCPA office.

NOTE: It is your responsibility as a rider to know and understand the rules.

Open $50/rider
Ltd Open* $60/rider
10,8,5 Class $45/rider
Jr Youth $15/rider
Sr Youth $15/rider

* NOTE: Each team has a $3.00/ride sanctioning fee that is included in the above listed entry fees.

*(NOTE: Ltd 11 has an additional $10 entry fee above the Open class entry fee. This $10 fee / Ltd 11 rider is put into a separate pool and is 100% paid out based on the team count. 1 – 14 Ltd 11 teams will pay out one placing, 15 – 29 Ltd 11 teams will payout 2 placings and 30+ teams and above will payout 3 placings 40+ teams will payout to 4th.

NOTE: All entry fees (including the required draw class are due before you ride)

NSF Check: Any NSF checks will be assessed a $25 NSF administration fee

Stall and power: The ATCPS will announce prior to each show who should receive payment for any stall and RV power/parking. As we are at all new facilities this year (except for Barrhead), we will provide the contact for coordinating your stall requests.

On-line Entries: On-line entries are required for each show. Visit our website at www.atcps.ca or www.epenner.com to enter your teams. Entries close 6:00 pm Monday prior to the show date.

Day Teams: Day teams will be accepted as determined by the ATCPS board on the Friday before the show date.

Cancellations/Change: Cancellations and changes must be submitted by Wednesday 6:00 pm the week of the show to avoid any penalty. Please contact Josephine Walters at [email protected] or 780-848-7503.

ATCPS membership forms are available on line. Memberships are due no later than March 31, 2019. Memberships received after this date will be assessed a late fee of $25.00, NO EXCEPTIONS.

A non-refundable work levy of $60 per member (youth excluded) is required. The proceeds from this levy will be used to pay members who wish to do any of the required volunteer tasks at a rate of $15 per hour worked. This program is self-funded so there is no impact on payouts or budgets.

The point calculation system will be for both individual and team and will be determined prior to the first show weekend. Points will be calculated using all shows up to and including the final sanctioned show on August 13, 2023 for both team and individuals.

The final weekend will be considered a non-sanctioned jackpot weekend with no points awarded however you must still qualify to ride the finals weekend.

To qualify to ride on the finals weekend (September 9/10, 2023), you must have ridden at 5 prior ATCPS shows. Riders qualify as individuals and by class. The draw team rules will apply.

The top 2 teams in the Open, Ten, Eight, and Five will be awarded year-end prizes. The top team in the limited 11 will be awarded a year end prize.

Maximum of the top 5 individuals in the Open, Ten, Eight, and Five will be awarded year end prizes however, depending on the subscription of riders to the class over the course of the year, the number of individual prizes may be reduced to less than 5, including the youth classes.

Any verbal, emotional or physical abuse of any ATCPS member, including but not limited to the Board of Directors, Officials, Volunteers, Show committee people, arena operators, or any paid employee of the ATCPS during or after any ATCPS sanctioned or affiliated show will result in disciplinary action which will be adjudicated by the disciplinary committee. Penalties may include suspension, termination of membership, and/or forfeiture of points. Any member of the Board of Directors of the Chair of the Disciplinary committee may provide a warning to the instigator that such abuse will not be tolerated and advise the instigator of further action which can be taken should it be necessary.

Dave Duff is the Disciplinary Chairman.
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